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Instrumental Analysis


One of the main services offered by our Area of Chromatography is the pesticide residue analysis, for which we analyze more than 500 types. Our objective is ensure that the current pesticide concentration in the different tested samples matrices does not exceed the maximum residue limit (MRL) in the agri-food and environmental fields.

LAB provides tests accredited under the ISO 17025 standard (gas-liquid Chromatography).

We have a wide experience in the sector and, in order to satisfy our customers’ necessities, sample collection from LAB’s specialized staff is part of our services.

  Technical Equipment

LAB moved to its current headquarters in 2013, a place specially designed for our laboratory. Besides, in order to offer the best service to our customers, we have the best technical equipment of the market:

  • Four GC MSMS Triple Cuadrupolo Equipments (7000C Agilent).
  • Two GC MSMS Triple Cuadrupolo Equipments (Bruker 320-MS), one of them includes CI ion source for the accurate analysis of compounds like Captan and Folpet.
  • Cuatro equipos de UPLC MSMS Triple Cuadrupolo (SCIEX Triple Quad 5500), diseñado para ofrecer la más alta sensibilidad y robustez en las matrices más complejas.
  • One UPLC MSMS Triple Cuadrupolo Equipment (Waters Xevo-TQS)..
  • One GC FID Equipment (Bruker 450 GC).

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