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Among the services most in-demand in the Area of Microbiology, we have:

  • Analysis of the most relevant parameters to control Irrigation Water. LAB holds the ENAC accreditation for irrigation water analysis and we offer a very competitive response time.
    • Analysis of E. Coli and Total Coliform within 18 hours.
    • Analysis of Salmonella spp. within 48 hours.
  • Analysis of microbiological quality of fertilizers according to Spanish Regulations (RD 506/2013).
  • Analysis of Legionella spp. in different types of water according to Spanish Regulations (RD 865/2003), accredited as Drinking Water.
  • Complete certified analyses of all parameters included in the Spanish Regulations (RD 140/2003) for Drinking Water.
  • Microbiological control of pool waters according to the Spanish Regulations (RD 742/2013), with accredited results within 24 hours.
  • Control test in Food Products following the microbiological criteria included in the Regulation (EC) 2073/2005, and applying the reference standards marked by this regulation.
  • Environmental Quality Evaluation of Air and Work Surfaces.

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