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Food & Feed

Pesticide Residue Analysis and other food Contaminants. Analysis of alimentary Additives. Analysis of Mycotoxins and Aflatoxins . Analysis of Nitrofuran.

Agriculture & Environment

Soil testing and foliar analysis. Irrigation water analysis. Substrate and fertilizer analysis. Analysis of phytosanitary products. Water analysis. Analysis of residues.

Beauty, Wash & Care

Cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products need to be effective yet dermatologically and environmentally harmless.

Our most requested services are

LAB | Bio-clinical Analytical Laboratory

LAB was founded in 2003 as a spin-off company from the Universities of Almería and Granada. Currently, we are part of Tentamus Group, a prominent international network of laboratories.

LAB’s headquarters are located in Almería, at the Scientific and Technological Park PITA. Besides, we have a branch office in Huelva (Industrial Park La Gavera). These are two strategic locations where we carry out analytical services linked with the food sector, agriculture, environment, and Biosecurity and Hygiene.


Our laboratory works under the ENAC accreditation and it holds several quality standard certifications. LAB’s team is constituted by specialized professionals in different fields: Microbiology, Chromatography and Physical-Chemical Analyses. Our experts will advice and guide you during the whole process.

Last news  

FDA Announces Update of the Produce Safety Rule

In regards to the Produce Safety Rule, the FDA announced that effective immediately, they will now exercise enforcement discretion for certain commodities, such as almonds, hops, pulse crops, and grapes. These commodities may be eligible for “the commercial processing exemption.” Therefore, “This means that [the FDA] will not expect entities growing, harvesting, packing, or holding ... Continued

GMP analyses at QSI

GMP = Good Manufacturing Practices – these are guidelines for the quality assurance of production processes. Pharmaceuticals and their raw materials are subject to the strict requirements of the GMP guidelines. Especially for pharmaceutical products, quality assurance according to these strict guidelines plays an important role. In order to guarantee the quality of your pharmaceutical ... Continued

One Third of British Bee Species are in decline

A new study shows that the number of pollinating insects, such as wild bees and hoverflies, is declining. Additionally the average honey yield per hive has been decreasing for decades. Reduced honey crop also leads to increased prices for honey, which in turn leads on to the potential of adulteration to increase yield. This puts ... Continued

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