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Physical Chemistry

In the agri-food sector, LAB’s physical-chemical laboratory makes several tests in food through which we determine the concentration of heavy metals, nitrates and dithiocarbamates, among others.

In the agronomic field, we carry out analyses of soil, irrigation water, foliar and fertilizers. Most of our tests are supplemented by agronomic reports which enable the interpretation of the results obtained.

In the environmental sector, we are experts in spill control, inland waters, drinking water and sea water. We make the sampling and environmental inspections, as well as reporting and interpretation of results, annual declarations of industrial waste and other administrative procedures related to public bodies. LAB is a Hydraulic Administration Collaborating Entity in the fields of testing and inspection, as well as a Collaborating Entity in the area of Environmental Quality.

Besides, we offer a wide range of analytical services, most of which are accredited under UNE-EN-ISO-17025 standard.

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