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Soil and foliar analysis 

Agricultural Soil Testing:  This analysis will be very useful to assess soil fertility and productive capacity and to define the nutrients’ dose to be applied.

LAB performs the analysis of contaminated soils according to Spanish Regulation (RD 9/2005), linked with the analysis of organic contaminants (PAH, PCB, COVs, BTEXs, pesticides, phenols, hydrocarbons…).

The majority elements analysis is one of the most demanded by our laboratory, and it provides information on the aspects linked with the soil quality such as: saturation extract, fertility, cations-exchange/texture, among others.

Foliar Analysis: Through this analysis we carry out an exhaustive monitoring during the most relevant stages in the growth of the plant. We identify the quantity of nutrients soaked. This is the best strategy to identify the crops’ deficiencies.

Besides, our team provides a complete interpretation of the results obtained after the soil testing and foliar analysis. 

Studies and Reports

  Characterization of contaminated soils

  Agronomic reports of interpretation of soil water and foliar water.

  LAB submits an extensive report in which we give advice and solutions to the problems that arise from the analyses.

   Agriculture tests in experimental stations.


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